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Features of waterjet mosaic cutting machine Top 10 brands of waterjet cutting machine
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  Sintered stone is one of the most popular decoration materials in the market, and the profits obtained from processing and sales are relatively high. However, it is not so easy to process the sintered stone and turn the sintered stone into a commodity. At present, the equipment that can process sintered stone slabs on the market mainly includes traditional sintered stone cutting machines and the latest water jet cutting machines. Today I will take you to understand the characteristics of the waterjet cutting machine.

5 axis waterjet cutting machine

   Hongyun HS-4020 AC five-axis water jet:

  Five-axis waterjet, as the name suggests, uses water as a knife. Hongyun HS-4020 AC five-axis waterjet uses technology to shoot high-pressure water jets to achieve the purpose of cutting. At present, AC five-axis waterjet is widely used in the processing of ceramics, stone, glass, metal, composite materials and many other materials. The main advantage of the five-axis waterjet is that the cutting surface is more smooth and perfect, and it can cut and process a variety of complex drawings.

   Hongyun HS-4020 AC five-axis waterjet main features:

   1. Based on the AB-axis design, it can realize CNC five-axis linkage.

   2. Ingenious electrical wiring, tight waterproof and sand-proof

  3. Better processing technology and higher precision of processing quality.

  4. Better mosaic effect, high efficiency, low cost and high quality.


     The waterjet has the advantages that the traditional cutting machine does not have. The heat generated during waterjet cutting will be immediately taken away by the high-speed water jet, and no harmful substances are produced. The material has no thermal effect (cold cutting), and it is not necessary or required after cutting. Easy secondary processing, safe, environmentally friendly, fast speed, high efficiency, can realize the cutting processing of any curve, convenient and flexible, and versatile. Water cutting is currently a mature cutting process with good applicability.

    Hongyun ceramic machine has focused on the research and development, production and sales of ceramics and sintered stone processing equipment for more than ten years. As one of the main products of Hongyun, Hongyun HS-4020 AC five-axis waterjet has been widely recognized by the market for its quality and performance. If you have recent knowledge For the needs of sintered stone waterjet cutting machine, please consult our online pre-sale customer service, we will provide you with professional services.

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