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Stone processing equipment, sintered stone slab cutting machine manufacturers offer
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    There are many types of stone. At present, as a mainstream decoration material, it is widely used in interior decoration, public facility construction, house decoration, cabinet furniture and other places. With the development of processing technology, stone has been used for roads, bridges, In construction, decoration, tables, chairs, cabinets and other aspects, the use of stone will look more high-end and more beautiful than traditional decoration materials, and it is more and more recognized by the public.

   Today, I will show you what are the characteristics of stone:

Sintered stone basin hole polishing machine

  1. Compression resistance: The density of stone is generally larger, and the texture is hard, and the compression resistance is much better than that of ceramic tiles.

  2. Durability: stone is more resistant to corrosion. Most of the buildings that can be preserved in ancient times are stone buildings.

  3. Fire resistance: Some stones do not burn at high temperatures. Of course, some stones will decompose or even explode at high temperatures. The fire resistance depends on the type of stone.

  4. Frost resistance: Generally, the stone material suitable for construction needs to endure low temperature environment, because low temperature will cause the water volume in the stone to expand. If the stone cannot tolerate the force of this expansion, it will be destroyed. This can't be used.

Sinteres stone round table cutting and grinding machine

   There are two kinds of common stones on the market. One is natural stone, such as marble, granite, slate, sand stone, lime stone and so on. The other is synthetic stone, such as terrazzo and synthetic stone.

  To process stone, Hongyun sintered stone cutting machine and other equipment are needed. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact our online customer service, and we will provide you with detailed model information and quotation information.For more information click our official website:Foshan nanhai hongyun ceramic machinery company.If you are interested in this machine,please contact me in Whatsapp or email(whatsapp number:+86 152 7835 3800;

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