Factory/Craft show

Covering an area of 60,000 square meters, the company possesses three large workshops each over 5,000 square meters

and other small plants.

All-in-one valve assembling machines

The use of all-in-one valve assembling machines leads to a qualitative leap of the manual yield rate. Previously, seven to eight workers have to stand on both sides of the conveying belt of the production line to assemble the valves. Now, valves can be assembled by just two workers, with one worker feeding items intermittently and the other completing a simple procedure.

Coated sand molding technology

We introduced coated sand molding technology in 2012, the first company in China to apply this technology to the air tightness of shells. Through continuous testing, debugging, manufacturing and summarizing, we have already completed 2 coated sand production lines, both of which are in stable operation. We have made epochal improvement on the surface roughness of products, thus distinguishing ourselves from low and backward black sand molding technology.

Stoving varnish&Spraying dula-treatment

The treatment of grey iron valve shell surface from the earliest painting to the commonly applied stoving varnish technology has always been a developmental issue. Now via the combination of spraying plastics and stoving varnish dual-treatment technology, the company optimizes the original problems of easily having paint removing and mark generation to a great extent.


we own a series of test or detection equipments, like elemental analyzer, tensile tester, thickness tester and airtightness detection device, etc. We have played a good leading role in valves industry.

We have the most advanced integrated valve assembly machine, coating line, CNC machining line.compared to the old-fashioned lathe,CNC lathe overcomes some flaws such as low accuracy,inefficiency and complex operation …

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