Enterprise Culture

1505896682986757  The company was founded in 1989. At the very beginning, we rented an abandoned temple as a production workshop. It was a time period when a great creativity and imagination was witnessed; it was a time when dreams began to realize.

   Until 2003, when the company's production base was moved into the parks, everything became in line with norms.

   The company has factories in three different regions during its flourishing period in 2006; the number of workers at this time also reached the peak of more than 800 people.

   With the improvement of production technology, the company continued to introduce advanced equipment. The number of employees decreased, and the per capita output rate significantly increased. Now, we are not only joined by a group of young and outstanding technicians, but also old comrades who worked side by side since the factory started to operate. They are all emotionally attached to the company.


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