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What is the general pressure of the waterjet cutting machine?
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  Waterjet cutting machine is a kind of cold cutting equipment using ultra-high pressure water jet, which is mainly composed of high pressure pump, CNC machining platform and jet cutting head. Waterjet cutting machines have a wide range of uses, almost all materials can be cut, but the most widely used are steel plate cutting and stone cutting. So what is the proper pressure to adjust when the waterjet cutting machine is working?

Waterjet cutter

 The water jet cuts the material by pressurizing the water to generate a high-pressure water jet. For materials of different hardness and thickness, the cutting pressure of the water jet is different. For example, the marble used for cutting and parquet, because the hardness of the marble is not very high, so the pressure of the water jet should be adjusted to about 220MPa to 250Mpa. If you want to cut metal materials of the same thickness, the waterjet pressure should reach 350MPa to 380MPa, and garnet sand needs to be added before cutting. Since water jet is a mechanical product, mechanical operation generally has its own speed. No matter how easy the material is to cut, its cutting speed is also limited. Because the greater the waterjet pressure, the greater the cost (including electricity bills, wear of machine wearing parts, etc.).

5 axis waterjet cutter

 In fact, if only one material is cut, the pressure can be adjusted to the most suitable range at the beginning, so there is no need to adjust frequently. But in order to protect the machine, the pressure should be adjusted occasionally.

    For the current waterjet cutting machine market, the biggest problem generally reported by users is the serious homogeneity of the products. The brand structures of major CNC and other ceramic tile cutting machines are the same, and the product designs are similar. This has caused many users to feel uneasy about waterjet cutting machine products. Moreover, even if the advertisement of a certain brand is played well, the machine will have some problems after using it for a period of time. At this time, it is necessary to report to the after-sales customer service, hoping to provide a solution.

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