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Can waterjet cutters cut steel plates? What are the advantages of waterjet cutters
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    Because the high-pressure water is mixed with garnet sand, emery and other abrasives to assist cutting, the cutting speed and cutting thickness of the water jet are improved. Therefore, if the cutting head stays for a while, the cutting depth will increase. After cutting, secondary processing is not required or easy, safe, environmentally friendly, faster, and more efficient. It can realize cutting processing of any curve, convenient and flexible, and has a wide range of uses. Water cutting is a mature cutting process technology with good applicability.

    The waterjet cutter can sculpt the workpiece arbitrarily under the control of the computer, and it is not affected by the texture of the material. For cutting metals and hard materials, such as various steel plates, stone, glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles and other materials, garnet sand is mixed in high-pressure water to improve their cutting ability. This high-speed abrasive water cutting can cut almost any material.

4020 AC 5 axis waterjet cutter

  The advantages of waterjet cutter:

  1. environmental protection

  Using water and sand cutting, no poisonous gas is generated during the processing, and it can be discharged directly.

  2. no need to change tools

   One nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.

  3. reduce burrs

   Waterjet cutting with abrasive sand, the cut has fewer burrs.

  4. fast programming

  The program is generated by CAD drawing software. You can design the line drawing in the layout at will, or input the DXF file generated from other software. In addition, the machine supports third-party software, such as nesting software.

   5. Cutting quality

  The cut is smooth, no slag, and no need for secondary processing.

Waterjet cutting technology.

    Waterjet cutting is today's most advanced cutting technology. The principle of  5 axis waterjet cutter is that by adding two more rotating shafts to the original three-axis platform, the cutter head can swing in any direction and use the slope model set in the system in advance, through real-time calculation of the cutting trajectory, and then correcting according to the material and thickness of the workpiece to be cut, the cutting head is constantly swinging during the cutting process, so that the cut workpiece reaches a perfect non-slope state.

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