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How much is a porcelain slab cutting machine and what about the after-sales service?
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   porcelain slab is a new type of decoration material. In recent years, it has been very popular among consumers. In recent years, there have been more and more   porcelain slab processing plants, and porcelain slab cutting machines are necessary processing equipment for porcelain slab processing plants. Because porcelain slabs can process various household products in the factory, the types of cutting machines that need to be used are also different, and its prices are also different. Let's take a look together below.


   The price of different models of porcelain slab cutting machine is also different. For example, the market price of 1800 type three-blade CNC automatic porcelain slab cutting machine is 9,509 dollars, and the market price of 3200 type bridge double-blade porcelain slab cutting machine is 13,334 dollars, 1800 Model manual CNC double blade porcelain slab cutting machine is 4,015 dollars, 1200 manual double blade CNC porcelain slab cutting machine is 3,508 dollars, 1200 double group four blade CNC porcelain slab cutting machine is 11,995, etc., if you want to know more models of cutting machines,You can contact us for the price of the machine.

   What kind of corresponding after-sales service is matched with the   porcelain slab cutting machine?


  1. Training the use of porcelain slab cutting machine, not only provides on-site training, but also provides video tutorials and remote guidance. Mainly training equipment operation and precautions, as well as how to maintain it in normal times, and simple troubleshooting methods. All training can be carried out in the company or in the customer's factory.


  2. Repair service of the porcelain slab cutting machine, simple problem after-sales department calls to teach you how to solve, complex problem, the company will send a dedicated maintenance personnel on-site service, better guarantee the normal use of the equipment. The company has a 24-hour maintenance service hotline in Whatsapp:(86)152 7835 3800, and there are specialized personnel to register and deal with the corresponding problems, so that you can truly enjoy the advantage.

 1800 Model manual CNC double blade porcelain slab cutting machine

  3. The free warranty period is one year, the maintenance period is lifetime, and the regular system software is also free for maintenance and upgrades for one year.


   The above is how much is a porcelain slab cutting machine? I hope to help you with the introduction of which after-sales service is provided. If you have more professional needs, you can contact our 24-hour online customer service (86)152 7835 3800(Whatsapp). The business manager will recommend the appropriate equipment according to your needs. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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