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How to solve the problem of frequent cutter breaking of rock slab cutting machine
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    In the process of rock slab cutting machine processing, there are often some problems, such as broken blade, so how to solve the problem of broken blade?

The rock slab cutting machine.

    1. Because the rock slab cutting machine has been working for a long time, the strength, compression and sharpness of the blade have been greatly affected. Moreover, the speed is not well controlled during operation, so it has been working at high speed. Solution: after working for a period of time, if the blade is worn seriously, it should be replaced, and the speed should not be too fast.

    2. There is dust on the top of the blade and chuck of the rock cutting machine. After working every day, the dust in the collet must be cleaned up, and the collet and nut must be checked to see if they are in good condition. Whether the extension of NC blade is larger.

     3. There is no cooling water. When cutting, it is necessary to spray cooling water on the blade, so as to effectively prevent the machine from breaking the blade due to high heat during cutting.

    4. The thickness of the blade is not enough, so that it can't bear the cutting force when cutting. If the blade is broken, the appropriate blade should be replaced before cutting.

Rock slab cutting and grinding all in one machine

    In a word, the problem of cutting tool breakage in rock slab cutting is related to the speed of processing. If the cutting tool is broken due to too fast feed, insufficient rotation speed, thin blade and not installed properly when installing the blade, the machine should be stopped immediately and the blade should be replaced.

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