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What does the after-sales service of rock slab processing equipment manufacturers include?
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When buying rock slab processing equipment, in addition to worrying about its quality, it is also worried about its after-sales service.But what does the rock slab equipment manufacturer’s after-sales service include?

    One, training (including on-site training, video tutorials, remote guidance, etc.)

   1. Explain the safety protection knowledge and precautions of rock slab processing equipment.

   2. Training switch sequence, daily maintenance and simple troubleshooting.

  3. Training the use of numerical control software and various related drawing software, as well as processing parameters and methods.

   4. Customers can come to the company for training, or engineers can go to the customer for training.

Rock slab CNC three blade cutting machine

    Two, Machine maintenance service

  The company can answer questions about the use of the product by telephone or in writing at any time. If necessary, it can send personnel to the scene to provide services to better ensure the normal operation of the product. The company has a 24-hour maintenance service hotline . Special engineers receive calls from users and record detailed maintenance records.

  Three. Warranty period and maintenance service

   1. When the company has equipment maintenance requirements, the phone number of the contact person or the written notification of your company address, contact person, basic failure situation, etc. are required.

   2. The system has a free warranty for one year and lifetime maintenance. The regular software of the system is maintained and upgraded free of charge for one year;

   3. Failure or damage caused by non-man-made or natural disasters during the free maintenance period will not be charged; maintenance services outside the free maintenance period will be charged maintenance fees.

Rock slab semless chamfering machine

      Fourth, the case of non-warranty

   1. Damage caused by abnormal operation and man-made or natural disasters;

   2. Any parts (such as circuits, parts) in the machine are disassembled and replaced by themselves, causing damage;

   3. Failures caused by the installation of professional and technical personnel who are not designated by us.

  For customers in remote areas, we still provide free training services to ensure that users can master the use of the machine proficiently. The warranty terms will be clearly written into the purchase contract. Free on-site service is provided during the warranty period, and a certain fee will be paid according to the actual situation during the warranty period.

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