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What should pay attention to when using a desktop tile cutter? Tutorial for using a tile cutter
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      With the diversification of ceramic tiles, more and more different types of ceramic tiles appear. Among them, the beauty of ceramic tiles is inseparable from the cutting machine, but most of people are not clear about what needs to be paid attention to when using the tile cutter. The following will introduce the usage and precautions of the ceramic tile cutter.

CNC automatic tile cutter

  1. Before starting up, please pay attention to check whether the water has been boiled, whether the water volume is large enough, and whether the water volume is sprayed on the cutting disc.

  2. Check whether the cutting blade has worn out. Generally, the service life of the cutting blade is 400-600 meters, and then check whether the height of the cutting blade and the trimming blade have been adjusted; the special reminder is that the lifting blade should not exceed the maximum pallet stroke!

  3. Check whether the pressure of the pressure roller is at a normal height. The default height is 5-8mm from the belt (the height is determined according to the thickness of the brick).

  4. Adjust the cutting speed, the default cutting speed: 10-12; the highest limit cannot exceed: 20; and adjust the relevant cutting size, and then turn on the machine.

  5. The master who puts the bricks and cuts must pay attention to observe whether the bricks follow the ruler during the cutting process and whether they leave the ruler.

  6. During the cutting process, do not press the operation panel randomly. If you encounter an emergency brick breaking situation, press the red emergency stop button.

1200 CNC front and rear blade tile cutter

  7. During the cutting process, please do not touch the rollers at both ends of the belt with your hands, be careful to pinch your hands, and do not touch the cutting piece.

  8. After stopping work, press the emergency stop button.

  9. Clean up the silt on the belt.

  10. Check each position where the screw rod moves and put a little butter on it.

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