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Maintenance method of rock slab processing equipment
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    Machine maintenance is generally carried out every day and every week. Correct maintenance of the machine can not only effectively improve its processing efficiency, but also keep its lifespan without being damaged. So how does the rock slab processing equipment need to be maintained?

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    1. Check the capacity of the mechanical oil pump every day to keep the lubricating oil of the automatic oil pump at a safe level. If the oil level is lower than the safe oil level, the system will display an alarm message to remind the user to add lubricating oil. Be sure to pay attention to the wear of the cutter head. If it is found that the cutter head needs to be replaced, the cutter head on the machine should be replaced and compensated in time to avoid excessive wear of the cutter head and affect the accuracy of the rock slab.

    2. Check whether the linear guide, ball screw and oil circuit are in place every week. At the same time, turn on the oil pump and observe whether the lubricating oil is in place and whether the oil pipe is blocked or damaged! When lubricating daily, move the upper and lower cutter heads back and forth to the maximum stroke to ensure that all parts are lubricated within the effective stroke. Before operating the machine every day, please click on the oil pump on the console to refuel. The refueling time can be set according to the frequency and interval of the refueling time.

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    3. Check whether the water-passing rotary joints of the vulnerable parts are leaking every day. If there is water leakage, please replace it in time. It is strictly forbidden for foreign objects to enter the water-passing rotary joint and cause abnormal wear. Do not rotate the rotary joint for a long time. Insist on keeping the rotary joint drum and pipeline clean, check the electrical cabinet every day, do a good job of cleaning and dust removal of the electrical cabinet, and keep the interior of the electrical cabinet tidy. Check the working condition of the fan in the electrical cabinet, and keep the heat dissipation and ventilation of the electrical cabinet good.

   The above part of the maintenance method of the rock slab processing equipment of Hongyun Rock Slab Machinery Co., Ltd., in order to better maintain the machine, it is necessary to remember the above maintenance method.

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