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Repair and maintenance of CNC ceramic tile cutter
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       Everyone knows that whether it is a car or a machine that needs to be repaired and maintained for a period of time, the CNC three-blade cutter is no exception, so how should the CNC ceramic tile cutter be maintained?

CNC three blade tile cutter.

       Ceramic tile cutter maintenance:

      1. The cutter uses high-temperature diesel engine oil. The three-blade ceramic tile cutter has three oil cups. Before starting the machine every day (calculated as 8 hours of work), add half a cup of oil to the oil cup, (add it to the oil cup and observe the oil cup switch Whether it is turned on and whether the oil flows into the cutting shaft).

       2. The lifting motor pallet often needs to lift the cutter head. Please add a little oil to the gap on both sides before use. When lifting the cutter head, the screws on both sides need to be loosened and then lifted. After adjusting the height, pay special attention to the lock. Tighten the screws.

  3. The default first blade of the cutting head is: 1.6mm thickness cutting disc, the middle blade is: V5 trimming blade, and the third blade is: 1.9mm thickness cutting disc. It is recommended to use the original cutting disc.

  4. The gauge screw is an oil-immersed method, and the oil tank is checked once every six months to see if there is any oil soaking the screw.

       5. Do not move the first cutting blade left and right, and the third cutter head cutting shaft screw for the cut machine that has been debugged. (The trimming blade can be adjusted in height depending on the situation, but the cutting head must not be adjusted randomly) .

CNC ceramic tile cutter

    6.Achieve the three-specialization criteria: dedicated operation, dedicated maintenance, and dedicated cleaning.

     The CNC series ceramic tile cutter is the latest development by Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts H steel support + linear guide, and then uses Oil-immersed guide. The accuracy can reach the error within 0.1mm, and the service life can reach more than 6 years. It is ceramic tile processing. One of the essential products of the factory.

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