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How much is the multifunctional tile cutter? Tile Cutter Brand
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    How much does it cost to buy a multifunctional tile cutter? The price of different models is different, such as Hongyun 1.2m multifunctional ceramic tile cutting machine, the price is 6500 yuan. The 1.2meter hand push CNC cutting machine with a relatively high degree of automation is priced at 15,000 yuan. The 1800 CNC three-blade cutting machine costs 50,000 yuan.

   The purchase of ceramic tile cutting machine should according to actual needs. There is no need to blindly pursue performance or blindly buy cheap products, resulting in performance that cannot keep up with demand. At present, Hongyun ceramic Machine mainly promotes the following ceramic tile/rock slab processing equipment:

1200 automatic CNC three-blade cutting machine

  1. 1200 automatic CNC three-blade cutting machine

  2. 12 grinding head small arc polishing machine

  3. 1200 ordinary cutting machine

  4. 1200 CNC hand push double blade cutting machine

  5. 1200 CNC double-blade multi-functional cutting machine

  6. HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet cutter

  7. Automatic six-head ceramic tile chamfering machine

  8. Ceramic tile cutting inner corner machine

  9. 1200 dry hanging slotting machine

  10. 1800 hand push CNC double blade cutting machine

  11. 1200 double-group four-blade CNC cutting machine

  12. 3200 rock slab CNC double-blade bridge cutting machine

  13. 800 multifunctional cutting machine

  14. 1800 hand push CNC single-blade cutting machine

  15. HY-800 mosaic slotting machine

  16. rock slab special-shaped edging machine

  17. 1200 multifunctional cutting machine

  18. 1300 water jet parquet flattening machine

        19.The 800 ceramic tile cutting machine

  Generally speaking, a small ceramic tile processing factory only needs to purchase 3 processing equipment to operate normally. The main core equipment is: Model 1200 automatic CNC three-blade cutting machine, 12-grinding head small arc polishing machine, Model 1200 multifunctional cutting machine. Different regions and different customer groups have different needs, so when buying ceramic tile processing equipment, you can choose according to your actual needs.

      Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production, R&D and sales of ceramic processing equipment for 14 years. It has a number of core technology patents and is leading the industry. If you have the idea of opening a rock slab processing factory, you can consult our online customer service to get more details. 

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