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How much is a ceramic cutting machine? Factors that affect the price of cutting machine
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       With the continuous increase in the market demand for ceramic tiles, the demand for its processing equipment is also rising, and many manufacturers continue to appear, resulting in the confusion of the price of ceramic tile cutting machines on the market. There will be a big gap in the price of models with the same function. What are the factors that affect the price of the cutting machine?

Hand push ceramic processing equipment

          1. Quality determines price:

  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Equipment with different quality and price will have different prices. Therefore, when users purchase ceramic processing equipment such as ceramic tile cutters, they should not blindly look at the price, but also see whether the quality of the equipment can ensure long-term stable and continuous operation.

  2. The steel material determines the price:

Steel is the skeleton of ceramic processing equipment such as ceramic tile cutting machines, especially the special steel consumption of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic tile processing equipment, which directly determines the quotation of ceramic tile processing equipment. 90% of a set of ceramic tile processing equipment is made of steel. A small price increase of steel will affect its ex-factory price. In addition, there is a relatively large gap in production costs between good steel and low-quality steel.

   3. The degree of automation determines the price:

  The price of fully automatic ceramic tile processing equipment is much higher than that of ordinary equipment. Generally, the price of ordinary hand-push ceramic tile cutters is relatively cheap. The price of equipment with a higher degree of automation is relatively higher. Considering the long-term goal of fully automatic equipment is more economical, and work efficiency, and are more advantageous in personnel investment, etc. 

Ceramic tile cutting

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