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Which is better in three-blade CNC tile cutter?
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    Three-blade CNC tile cutter is a new type of fully automatic tile cutting equipment developed and produced according to market processing requirements. It is more suitable for large-volume tile cutting needs, especially when the cutting size is complex and changeable. So which three-blade CNC tile cutter is better? Let's take a look at it together.


    Foshan Nanhai Hongyun ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 14-year-old manufacturer specializing in the production of tile deep-processing equipment. For the three-blade CNC tile cutter, Hongyun has developed two models that can be used to cut tiles and rock slabs, each model have different functions.

 HY-1200 CNC three-blade cutter

   HY-1200 CNC three-blade cutter:

     Hongyun has re-developed and upgraded after in-depth practical experience in  processing plants in the past few years. The main improvement is the use of oil-immersed screw structure, which has increased the accuracy and life of the ruler by more than half. The biggest feature of the three-blade is that it can be fast For cutting and repairing collapse, the power of the dual-cutting spindle motor is upgraded to 4KW, and the cutting speed can be 35% higher than the traditional CNC cutter. The machine is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation. It only needs to set the cutting size on the operating plane, that is The size can be quickly adjusted, and all the cutter heads are upgraded to electric lifting cutter heads.

 HY-1800 CNC three-blade cutter

  HY-1800 CNC three-blade cutter for rock slab:

     This machine is mainly researched and developed for the cutting of rock slabs and large  slabs. The functions are: batch cutting with trimming at one time without frying the edges and no cracking; the maximum cutting size is: 1.8 meters, and the speed can reach: 5 meters per minute. It is suitable for cutting large-size rock slabs and  tiles in rock/tile processing factories, with high precision and good cutting processing effect. One CNC three-blade cutter can replace five hand-push cutters. The processing cost is extremely low, the cutting is stable, and it does not collapse. Porcelain does not drop corners, it is one of the indispensable equipment for slate | tile deep processing factory.


      Foshan Nanhai Hongyun ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise focusing on the field of tile deep processing equipment. It mainly manufactures arc polishing machines, full CNC tile cutters, hand-push CNC tile cutters, arc line polishing machines, and stone edging machine,tile chamfering machine, mosaic slotting machine and other tile deep-processing equipment, which integrates production and sales, installation, training, after-sales and one-stop service enterprises, which truly realizes the direct delivery from the factory to the customer without any intermediate After any dealer link, the purchase cost is greatly saved for customers.

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