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How much is the automatic tile waterjet cutting machine?
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        How much is the automatic tile waterjet cutting machine? Different models of waterjet cutting machines have different prices. There are currently many models on the market, such as Hongyun HS2015 waterjet cutting machine, HS2515 waterjet cutting machine, HS3020 waterjet cutting machine, Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet and so on. At present, Hongyun Ceramics machinery factory's main product with high cost performance is Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine. The market price is 250,000 yuan. It supports nationwide door-to-door installation and factory inspection services.

Automatic waterjet

   What factors should be considered when buying a waterjet cutting machine?

   1. Price considerations:

  When buying a waterjet cutting machine, the price of waterjet cutting machines of different brands fluctuates, so you can compare the cost performance.

   2. Quality and stability considerations:

   The waterjet with good quality is more stable, less prone to problems, and can fulfill customer orders with higher quality. When purchasing machinery, it is best to choose better quality machinery, which can be evaluated in terms of manufacturer history, manufacturer strength, and machinery manufacturing materials.

  3. Performance considerations:

  Waterjet cutting machine is an expensive product. When purchasing, you need to consider whether the model can meet your needs. Such as cutting size, cutting speed, cutting accuracy, overall processing efficiency, processing effect, etc. all need to be considered.

HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet

   4. After-sales considerations:

   In the process of using ceramic tile processing equipment, there will be some problems to some extent. It is difficult to find professional repairers outside of such large machinery. At this time, the after-sales service of the manufacturer becomes very important. Can't the machine stop working if it encounters a small problem? Therefore, when choosing to purchase ceramic tile processing equipment, it is best to evaluate whether the company's after-sales service is in place. Instead of choosing products with low prices, substandard quality, and substandard after-sales, it is better to choose equipment with high stability and good after-sales service.

   Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet, as the main product of Hongyun Ceramic machinery factory, has been recognized by many customers over the years. If you need to buy a waterjet cutting machine in the near future, you can contact us, Hongyun will provide you with professional consulting services.

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