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What kind of machine is used to cut the porcelain tile, what should be paid attention to when cutting?
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    Porcelain tile is a new type of decoration material. It is very popular in the decoration industry in recent years because of its unique characteristics of stain resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, durability, ultraviolet light resistance, and no secondary treatment on the surface, and it is widely used in bathrooms,or kitchen countertops, background walls, etc. To process porcelain tiles into these finished products, you must first cut the porcelain tiles before you can operate it. Today, we will mainly talk about what machine is used to cut the porcelain tiles? And what should be paid attention to when cutting?

 1800 three-blade CNC automatic porcelain tile cutting machine

    There are many types of porcelain tile cutting machines. If you want to specifically say which machine is used to cut the porcelain tile, the answer is diversified. It mainly depends on what kind of porcelain tile you want to cut and what specifications of porcelain tile you need to cut. For example, for porcelain tile cutting, you need to use the 1800 three-blade CNC automatic porcelain tile cutting machine, and to cut large porcelain tiles, you need to use the 3200 bridge type double-blade porcelain tile cutting machine. Need to use the 1200 CNC three-blade porcelain tile cutting machine, and the 4020AC five-axis porcelain tile waterjet cutting machine is mainly used for cutting a series of porcelain tiles for bathroom, cabinets, coffee tables, etc. AC five-axis can cut porcelain tiles at 45 degrees Seamless chamfering and opening of pot holes is a versatile and versatile king. Which cutting machine to choose depends on your own needs.


  What are the matters needing attention when using the porcelain tile cutting machine?


   1. The table top of the cutting board should be flat and without cutting grooves.


   2. Special saw blades should be used for porcelain tiles, not mixed with saw blades of different materials.


  3. The porcelain cutting blade must be sharp, otherwise there will be chipping or bursting and corner drop.

 3200 bridge type double-blade porcelain tile cutting machine

   4. The cutting speed of the porcelain tile should refer to the speed on the packing box.


   5. When cutting, first cut the big one and then the small one


   6. When cutting the porcelain tile, hold or hold the porcelain tile properly.


   The above is what kind of machine is used to cut the porcelain tile? And a detailed introduction of what to pay attention to when cutting, I hope it can help you. If you have more professional needs, please contact our online customer service in Whatsapp:(86)152 7835 3800. The business manager will recommend the appropriate equipment according to your needs. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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