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How about the porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine? Precautions for the use of porcelain tile machinery?
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  When we usually process porcelain tile countertops or dining tables, we usually use porcelain tile special-shaped edging machines to process, so is the porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine so good?


       The special-shaped edging machine for porcelain tiles developed by Hongyun Ceramic Machinery company in Foshan City, Guangdong Province is mainly for special-shaped edging of porcelain tile dining tables/coffee tables/cabinets. It adopts a fully automatic working mode to grind, polish and round edge grinding and polishing. The rounded table surface can be automatically rounded, and the special-shaped surface is semi-automatically driven by hand. The rotating speed of the turntable can reach 1-4 circle/min in one minute. The diameter of the beveled porcelain tile is 400-2100 cm. It is an indispensable equipment for special-shaped edging of porcelain tiles.

 porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine

  Cautions for the use of porcelain tile machinery:


   The first measure to be taken when operating a porcelain tile machine is to ensure that the machine itself is in a safe state. As an employee, there are dangers when operating the machine. The operator should pay attention to the following points.


   1. You must receive training from the equipment manufacturer before you start your job.


  2. Strictly follow the equipment safety operating regulations when operating the porcelain tile machinery.


  3. Safety inspection of machinery and equipment should be carried out before operation, and it can be put into use after confirming that it is normal.


  4. The safety protection device of mechanical equipment must be used correctly according to the regulations, and it is not allowed to use it or dismantle it without authorization.Whether the porcelain tile machinery equipment has a safety protection device depends on whether the equipment can prevent any part of the operator's body from entering the dangerous area under normal working conditions, or ensure that the equipment cannot operate or can emergency brake when entering the dangerous area.

 porcelain tile special-shaped edging machine.

   5. Personal protective equipment must be worn correctly. People with long hair must wear work caps, three-tight (tight neckline, tight cuffs, tight hem) work clothes, no necklaces and other hanging objects, and no gloves when operating porcelain tile machinery.


   6. Do not leave the porcelain tile machinery in a high-load working state for a long time.


       Hongyun Ceramic Machinery factory is a modern enterprise that integrates production, research and development, industry and trade into professional ceramics and porcelain tile intelligent machinery production. The porcelain tile deep processing equipment developed and produced by Hongyun can not only cut the cut porcelain tiles. It is flat and smooth, and it can also realize the advantages of no chipping and straight cut. If you are interested in the equipment of Hongyun ceramic Machinery factory, you can call our hotline (86)152 7835 3800 in whatsapp to learn more.

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