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What are the uses of the equipment needed for porcelain tile processing?
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   In recent years, the decoration products have become more and more diversified, and there are more and more new products. porcelain tile is one of them. The decoration material of porcelain tile is very popular nowadays. The reason why it is popular with people is mainly because of its many advantages. Its specifications are large, its shape is relatively strong, its colors are also various, and it can resist high temperature, resist abrasion, can also prevent penetration, and is acid-resistant. Alkali, of course, the most important thing is that slate not only has many advantages, but it is also an environmentally friendly and healthy material with zero methanol.


   So many investors want to run a porcelain tile processing factory, but many operators do not know what equipment is needed for porcelain tile processing? What is the purpose of each of these devices? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

 4020AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine

   1. 4020AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine: This cutting machine is mainly used for processing table tops, as well as cutting some rounded corners, ellipses and cut holes, such as some wash basins.


   2. A 3200 CNC double-head porcelain tile cutting machine is needed: This cutting machine is mainly used for cutting large porcelain tiles. Because some large-shaped porcelain tiles need to be cut to the required size before deciding whether to use a water jet or a 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine for edge grinding and chamfering for further processing.


  3. Need a 3200 type porcelain tile 45-degree cutting edge chamfering machine: This cutting machine is mainly used for chamfering and polishing a large number of porcelain tiles and processing single-side chamfering and so on.


  4. Need a porcelain tile shaped edge grinding and chamfering machine: This cutting machine is mainly used for processing horse belly. Speaking of this cutting machine, some people may choose to cut by hand, but based on the actual comparison of most operators, if you are processing horse belly, you still think that the porcelain tile special-shaped edge grinding and chamfering machine is easy to use.

 Porcelain round table countertop making

  The above is a detailed introduction of the large-scale equipment needed for porcelain tile processing and their respective uses. I hope to help you.


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