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What equipment is needed for porcelain tile processing and how to operate porcelain tile machinery?
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     As a commonly used environmentally friendly decorative material in the field of decoration, porcelain tile is not only far superior to board in terms of design, but also meets the individual needs of consumers for products.


  What equipment is generally required for processing porcelain tiles? In fact, there are many equipment for processing porcelain tiles, such as the 4020 AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine developed by Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Company, the 1800 three-blade automatic porcelain tile cutting machine, and the 3200 bridge double-blade porcelain tile cutting machine, 3200 automatic multifunctional porcelain tile chamfering machine, 1800 hand-push CNC double-blade porcelain tile cutting machine, 1200 hand-push CNC porcelain tile cutting machine, 1200 round table porcelain tile cutting and grinding machine, etc. There are many equipment for processing porcelain tiles. When choosing equipment, you need to choose according to your own processing needs. Now, if you don’t know how to choose, you can consult our business manager and contact us at Whatsapp:(86)15278353800.

 1200 round table porcelain tile cutting and grinding machine

    Because the structure of the large-scale porcelain tile processing equipment is relatively complex, after the purchase, the general manufacturer will arrange professional technicians to come to install, train the staff to operate, simple troubleshooting methods, etc., in the large-scale porcelain tile processing machinery In terms of operation, you only need to operate according to the method taught by the manufacturer's personnel. Although the porcelain tile processing machinery has special personnel training, because the small porcelain tile machine has a simple structure and the operation process is relatively simple, the manufacturers generally just give a simple explanation in terms of operation. Then how to operate the small porcelain tile machinery?


  1. After the porcelain tile machine is installed, turn on the power switch of the machine to check whether each part of the machine rotates flexibly, whether the fasteners are loose, and whether the direction of the blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the machine. After the inspection, turn on the circulating water switch and adjust the processing size. After a series of operations, let the machine run for a few minutes.

 Countertop special edge grinding machine

  2. After all inspections are completed, the splint can be installed for cutting. When clamping the porcelain tile, a reliable clamping point should be selected to prevent false clamping or false clamping.


  3. Pay attention to the operating status during use. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately and notify the Material Safety Department to check and repair, and use it only after the repair is qualified.

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