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How much is an a wet cutter —the quotation of AC five-axis waterjet
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      Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet price: 275,000 rmb.

     In the current rock slab processing equipment, the Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet is indispensable. The Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet is more efficient in cutting rock slabs, marble, granite and other materials with relatively strong hardness. The processing effect, and the cutter head is equipped with laser height measurement, the measurement accuracy is controlled at ±0.05mm, which solves the cutting problem of the surface of the board, accurate and efficient. In addition, the waterjet cutter has absolute advantages that other types of cutters do not have when dealing with complex process patterns.

     The following is the finished picture of Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet cutter:

Cutting effect of waterjet cutterTile cutting effect of waterjet

     When buying a tile cutter, what issues should I pay attention to?

 1. Brand of waterjet cutter: We all know that brand is synonymous with quality. The quality of equipment from different manufacturers is different. If there are problems with poor quality products, the life span of the products is still severely shortened, and the cost performance is very low.

 2. Whether the performance can keep up with the demand: whether the performance, power, cutting area and other indicators meet your needs, these need to be considered in place.

  3. Whether the structural materials of the equipment are of high quality, and whether the steel used meets the national standards.

 4. Whether the continuous processing capacity and the degree of automation meet the demand.

HS-4020 AC 5 axis waterjet cutter

  Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis water jet is used on rock slab dining tables, background walls, countertops, rock slab wardrobes, rock slab coffee tables, rock slab refrigerators, cabinets, rock slab walls, rock slab stools, stone doors, rock stairs, rock slabs Bar counters, slate wash basins, slate desks and other cutting treatments have better results. Hongyun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet has been popularized in the market for many years and has been recognized by many customers. If you need to buy a waterjet cutter in the near future, you can contact us and Hongyun will provide you with professional consulting services.

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