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How do manual tile cutters cut beveled edges and what should pay attention to?
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      The manual tile cutter is mainly suitable for cutting high-grade polished tiles and wear-resistant tiles of 800mm and below. The machine adopts first-class high-precision mechanical structure design, and every part has been strictly inspected to ensure durability. All models are assembled with imported super-hard tungsten steel alloy special large cutter wheels and linear ball bearings to achieve durable and sharp cutting; and 85% of the parts are made of aluminum alloy Injection molding, absolutely sturdy and durable; the guide shaft is made of solid high-carbon steel, after heat treatment, it can definitely stand the test of weight without fear of deformation or even bending. The double guide rail design makes the marking more straight and accurate. The cutting principle of this machine is the same as that of cutting glass, and the working efficiency is faster, better and safer than the electric cutter, so it is welcomed by many users.

Manual tile cutter.

   When cutting the hypotenuse, first draw a straight line on the brick. If you want to cut the bevel, you must calculate the position that needs to cut. The angle of placing the tiles on the manual tile cutter can be adjusted. Push the handle to the top of the line, move the handle to the line at the end, two points and one line, so that the cutting is done.


   1. Don't force the blade wheel to draw a line, just gently draw a uniform and continuous straight line on the surface of the tile.

  2. Do not reuse the cutter wheel to scribe, so as not to affect the cutting accuracy and the life of the cutter wheel.

  3. The guide rail should prevent water and the sand from entering the machine. If water and sand enters the machine, please clean it up in time.

        4. Do not move the tiles after the cutter wheel scribes to ensure that the cutter wheel scribes line with the ground beam.

Manual ceramic tile cutting machine

  In the cutting process, the thinner and shallower the cutting line of the blade mark, the more beautiful the edge shape of the fracturing tile. On the contrary, the deeper and thicker the blade mark line, the more oblique and crooked the shape of the bottom of the brick, the more serious the crack of the brick edge will be, and even the jagged shape in severe cases, so the force must be light when cutting, but the cutting mark line on the tile cannot Interrupt, otherwise the tiles will crack.

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