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Which is the best brand of automatic fourteen grinding head arc polishing machine?
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     Which is the best brand of automatic fourteen grinding head arc polishing machine? The fourteen grinding head arc polishing machine is the latest new product developed by Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. After continuous improvement in recent years, it has been independently designed , The original double rocker technology, the luxurious appearance is removed, and the practical design is a new generation of tile deep processing equipment with multifunctional integration. This machine is mainly used in tile and stone processing plants. Used for processing: stepping bricks, skirting lines, inner wall 45-degree chamfering, chamfer beveling edge paste V-shaped, slotting, trimming, etc. In addition, French side duckbill, Roman side, L-shaped grooves, lines and many other functions can be added according to customer requirements,which is very popular in the ceramic tile processing industry and well received by customers.

Tile polishing equipment

Arc polishing machine maintenance matters

1. There are automatic and manual modes for the grinding head down. The service life of the grinding head is about 5-10 hours. Pay attention to check whether the grinding head still exists.

2. The conveyor belt motor and the size-adjusting motor need to be oiled once every three months for maintenance. The grinding head spindle is turned on every day and a little oil is added to it.

3. The machine tool needs to be leveled and fixed.

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     Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise focusing on the field of tile deep processing equipment. It mainly manufactures arc polishing machines, full CNC tile cutting machines, hand-push CNC tile cutting machines, tile cutting machines, arc line polishing machines, and stone grinding machines,tile chamfering machine, mosaic slotting machine and other tile deep processing equipment. Our company has integrated production, sales, installation, training, after-sales and one-stop service enterprises, which truly realizes the direct delivery from the factory to the customer. Without going through any dealer links, the purchase cost is greatly saved for customers.

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