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How does the tile cutter cut a 45 degree angle?do i need to rounding it?
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         Recently I found many friends asking how the tile cutting machine cuts a 45-degree angle and whether it should be rounded, in fact, the current cutting machine can cut a 45-degree angle, and rounding depends on your own needs. Let’s take a look at how the ceramic tile cutting machine cut 45-degree angle. What are the tricks for cutting a 45-degree angle!

45-degree anglejpg

   Tile 45 degree angle cutting skills:

   1. Use a toothless saw to grind the tiles, and rub the inside of the tiles that need to be grind with the saw. For all-ceramic tiles, you need to spray water while operating.

        2. When the ceramic tile meets the corner with a tile cutting machine to chamfer a 45 degree angle, be sure not to hit the glaze, leave a line of nearly one millimeter with the glaze edge, because the saw blade will easily collapse when it hits the glaze porcelain.

1.2m multifunctional ceramic tile cutting machine

  3. Leave a little more when chamfering, the corners will be rounder. If the chamfered corners are sharper, the corners will be sharper.

  HY-1.2m multifunctional ceramic tile cutting machine, beautiful surface design, stable weight, cast iron steel plate as the platform, V-shaped guide rail design is more accurate, cutting tiles has the characteristics of no chipping, stable, fast and so on. The main functions of this machine include rounding, grooving, 45-degree angle, and cutting. The error rate is within 0.5mm, which is more suitable for construction sites.

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