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Automatic ceramic tile chamfering machine operating procedures—What problems should be paid attention to when using ceramic tile chamfering machine?
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       Hongyun HY-1200 automatic ceramic tile chamfering machine is an automatic processing model specially developed for 45-degree chamfering and polishing or chamfering of internal corners on ceramic tile processing factories/sites. The equipment is small in size and multi-functions. It can be used for straight edge trimming and 45-degree chamfer Polishing,chamfering inner corners and other functions, high chamfering processing efficiency, high accuracy and low damage rate, etc., are favored by real estate construction sites and ceramic tile processing factories.

Ceramic tile automatic chamfering machine

   Ceramic tile chamfering machine operating rules

  1. Power supply: The power supply wiring is operated by a professional electrician, and the power supply must be repeatedly debugged to see if the power supply is normally energized.

  2. Check the workbench: Before starting, check whether the workbench is flat, whether there are any abnormalities such as looseness or deformation in various parts, if any, stop work immediately and make adjustments.

   3. Stable placement: The materials should be placed steadily when loading materials.

  4. Do not dry cutting: the tile chamfering machine should be connected to the water pipe before working, and dry cutting is prohibited.

  5. The work area of the tile chamfering machine is a dangerous area, and it is forbidden to play in the surrounding area.

   6. When the tile chamfering machine stops working, the power should be cut off in time.

  7. Regular inspection: Regularly check all parts to see if they are damaged or broken. If found, replace them in time.

Pay attention to tile chamfering machine


  Control the water temperature: the water temperature should not exceed the temperature resistance limit of the water pipe. Too high water temperature can easily cause the water pipe to deform and damage the water supply system and cause the motor to burn out. Therefore, the operation should be stopped immediately when the water temperature reaches a certain temperature, and the operation should be performed after the water temperature returns to normal.

      Appropriate wire frame connection: Since the wire frame material used by the tile chamfering machine is a vulnerable part, if it is not adjusted well, it will cause uneven conveying of the tiles under the condition of large vibration, and even directly affect the quality of the tile chamfering. The staff must make adjustments when starting up.

   Is the air pressure stable: The air pressure of the ceramic tile chamfering machine is usually not less than the rated pressure of the system. If the automatic lifting of the grinding head is unstable under abnormal air pressure, the chamfering effect will also appear uneven. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the specified working pressure, it will affect the service life of the motor and may cause accidents.

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