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     The 2400 CNC three-blade cutting machine is mainly designed for cutting large-size porcelain slabs and ceramic tiles.The batch cutting and edge trimming can be finished in one operation without cracking or dropping the corners;The maximum cutting size: 2.4 meters(width), cutting speed : 5-7 m/min ,and it is suitable for cutting large-size porcelain slabs and ceramic tiles,with high precision and good cutting effect; One CNC three-blade cutting machine can replace five manual cutting machines, the processing cost is extremely low, the cutting effect is stable. It is one of the indispensable equipment for porcelain slab/ceramic tile deep processing plants.

1. Product features:

(1)It can cut up to 2.4 meters, without cracking or dropping corners;

(2)It Adopts electric lifting cutter heads,can quickly replace the cutting blade, which is more convenient;

(3)Simple maintenance and lubrication, and the three shafts refueling at the same time;

(4)Four rows of pressure wheels, cutting large and wide plates more stable;

(5)A row of movable rollers is added on the side, which can stably convey and process when cutting ultra-wide large plates;

(6)The cutting spindle adopts Japanese NTN bearings, which is more durable;

(7)Equipped with high-power motor, standard motor: 4KW; optional motor: 5KW

2.Technical parameters:



Diameter of cutting blade



Maximum cutting size


Cutting thickness



Main motor power







3.Equipment display:

2400 CNC Three-blade Cutting Machine.

4.Cutting effect:

Big slabs cutting

CNC tile cutter.

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