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The high speed automatic sintered stone/porcelain tile cutting machine is a dry dicing cutting machine.The machine adopts CAD drawing mode,which can cut arc,triangle,and horse belly shaped sintered stone table.The cutting thickness is:3-15mm,it can cut up to 8 meters per minute,and specially developed 6061 high-strength stress-relieving industrial aluminum beam with 6mm thickness to ensure the service life and load-bearing capacity of the aluminum beam.The large-scale milling machine processes the mounting area to ensure the verticality and straightness of the mounting area and improve the accuracy.The cutting system is jointly developed with Shanghai Weihong and Shenzhen Googol,which has the advantages of small footprint,long service life,stable performance, etc.,and the optimization rate can reach 99%.

1.Product features:

(1)Adopts high-strength industrial aluminum beam and high-strength international carbon steel,all parts of the machine are welded, heat treatment of the whole body, stress-relieve treatment, no deformed, and ensure the flatness of the body ;

(2)Adopts dual-drive high-torque servo motor,high speed, high precision, and adopts Italian sintered stone special cutting head ;

(3) Equipped with laser positioning system, which can arrange plates randomly and cut arbitrarily;

(4)Use imported dicing, an imported dicing can cut 7000-10000 meters of sintered stone countertops, the cost is unimaginably low;

(5)The use of Shanghai Weihong cutting system can optimize the best cutting path and greatly improve production efficiency under the premise of ensuring material savings.

2.Technical parameters:

Working table size



Effective cutting size



Diameter of blade



Spindle motor power


Cutting thickness range



Working Mode


Size setting method


CAD drawing

Cutting head device

air pressure to rise and fall

Cutting speed








3. Equipment display:

Hy-3617 High Speed Rock Slab Cutting Machine.

CAD drawing

Machine parts

4. Processing effect:

Table cutting effect

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