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Technical parameter configuration of 1800 mm porcelain tile CNC three-blade cutting machine
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   1800 porcelain tile CNC three-blade cutting machine is mainly used for cutting porcelain tiles and large plates. The maximum width can be cut to 1.8 meters, and one side can be cut to 900 mm. The length is not limited, it can be cut in batches, the speed is high, the efficiency is high, the size is adjusted by CNC, and the precision is high. It is another breakthrough of large-slab cutting equipment, which solves the problem of large-slab cutting very well.

 1800 porcelain tile CNC automatic cutting machine

   1800 porcelain tile CNC three-blade cutting machine configuration instructions:


   1. The maximum can cut porcelain tiles under 1.8 meters, without bursting edges and corners.


        2. the rear part adopts oil-immersed Taiwan TBI spiral guide rail


  3. transmission bandwidth 1000 mm


  4. one side processing width is 10-920 mm


  5, frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion speed regulation


  6. motor 4KW (front blade, middle blade, back blade) blade head motor


  7. the later gear motor adopts stepping servo motor


  8. the blade head electric automatic lifting


  9. install the blade with a diameter of 130

 1800 porcelain tile CNC three-blade cutting machine

   Hongyun brand 1800 porcelain tile CNC three-blade cutting machine can cut 1.8-meter porcelain tiles or large slabs without chipping or falling corners. The size is controlled by a numerical control system, with high accuracy, and the error is within 0.1 mm. The machine head is electrically lifted, the saw blade is quickly replaced, and the microcomputer automatic refueling cycle system solves the trouble of oil-free processing.


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