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Technical parameter configuration description of 3200 porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine
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   3200 type porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine is mainly used for seamless splicing of the 45-degree angle of the porcelain tile. It is a professional deep-processing chamfering machine for porcelain tiles, special purpose machine, saving processing cost. The machine head part adopts cutting head and chamfering wheel (1-2 chamfering wheels can be customized according to customer requirements), which can realize chamfering without edge chipping and no size head. The inverted plate can reach 3.2m*1.6m. Indispensable equipment for deep processing of porcelain tiles.

 3200 type porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine

   3200 type porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine configuration parameters:


   1. One saw blade cutting 4 kW motor.


   2. Two 45 degree fine grinding 3kW motors.


   3. A transverse slotting 3kW motor.


  4. A set of feeding structure: imported slide rail ball screw servo motor to provide processing quality.


  5. The main machine has 3 sets of fine-tuning slides for easy adjustment of the cutter head.


  6. 1 set of automatic positioning ruler, anti-collision precision structure components, accurate positioning.


  7. A set of automatic brick press, which can automatically press the plate, automatically adjust the thickness of the plate, and improve the processing quality.


   8. A set of roller platforms, convenient for loading and unloading plates.


   9. The width and length of the processed materials are not limited (the maximum processing volume is 1600*3200mm, and the minimum processing volume is 40*40mm).

 3200 type porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine

   10. Reasonable mechanical configuration (configuration: 45-degree saw blade cutting, coarse and fine grinding, and finally equipped with glue injection groove or reinforcement technology to make the paste more firm and beautiful).


  11. The bridge structure is adopted, which has good waterproof effect and long service life.


   Hongyun brand 3200 porcelain tile CNC chamfering machine is easy to install, without foundation construction, the whole machine is directly installed and used. Using servo translation mechanism, stable feed, sharp corner processing (seamless splicing). The walking device adopts double linear slide rail and precision screw, which is fast and accurate. The pneumatic design ensures that the porcelain tile is not easy to deviate during the processing process, and the product will not collapse when the product comes out. The operation is simple, the full CNC automatic operation is safe and convenient, the operation is stable, and the structural design of specific functions is more stable and durable.

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