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What are the maintenance skills of the 45 degree porcelain tile cutting machine?
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   The 45-degree porcelain tile machine needs to be maintained after using to make the machine more durable and improve the processing efficiency. Then how to maintain the 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine? The following describes the maintenance skills of the 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine.


   Regularly check the loose parts such as the safety guard of the machine. Fastened parts can make the operator's safe operation and machine operation better. During repairs and maintenance, be sure to disconnect the power supply.

 Automatic porcelain tile 45 degree chamfering machine

   Replace the saw blade regularly. If the saw blade is replaced irregularly, the blunt saw blade will damage the motor, which has a great impact on the quality and efficiency of mechanical cutting. Blunt saw blades will cause the motor to not work properly, and the machine will often get stuck. Therefore, the saw blade of the ceramic cutting machine needs to be replaced in time when it cannot be used.


  Before replacing the cutting blade with a new one, check the cutting blade for small cracks, gaps or bends. After installation, try to see if it can run.


   When the machine stops during use, it means that the motor has started the automatic protection device. After stopping for fifteen minutes, turn on the switch and the phone can work again.

 Porcelain tile 45 degree chamfering

   Pay attention to the problem of power grounding sequence, and do not allow children to start operation.


   The daily maintenance of the 45-degree porcelain tile cutting machine is to find the problem in time to avoid the impact of mechanical failure on the processing accuracy and efficiency. Proper maintenance of the machine can maximize the function of the machine from beginning to end and prolong the service life of the machine.


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