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Is it risky to open a ceramic tile factory? How much does it cost to open a ceramic tile factory
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 Is it risky to open a ceramic tile factory? What do I need to prepare to open a ceramic tile factory?

   First, factory site preparation:

   1. Plant area requirements: about 100-500 square meters;

   2. Power requirements: three-phase power, 380V, power 20-50KW;

   3. Circulating pool (about 5 cubic meters of pool, optional)

  Two, Ceramic tile processing equipment procurement:

   1. A Hongyun HY-14 grinding head arc polishing machine 95,000 yuan high configuration version;

   2. A 1800 tile CNC three-blade cutting machine 50,000 yuan high configuration version;

   3. A 1200 CNC hand-push double blade cutting machine 16,500 yuan high version;

   Total price: 161,500 yuan.

Hongyun HY-14 grinding head arc polishing machine 

  At present, most of the ceramic tile processing factories across the country choose the high-configuration version, which has complete functions, advanced equipment, high efficiency, high precision, and labor and cost savings! In addition, different processing plants will add different processing equipment according to actual needs, different regions, different markets, and different requirements for equipment. Investors can choose the following equipment according to actual needs:

  1. 1200 double-group four-blade CNC cutting machine

  2. HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet

  3. HY-14 grinding head arc polishing machine

  4. 1800 type hand push CNC single-blade cutting machine

  5. HY-800 mosaic slotting machine

  6.1800 type rock slab CNC three-blade cutting machine

  7. 1200 CNC double-blade multi-function cutting machine

  8. 1200 automatic CNC three-blade cutting machine

  9. 1200 ordinary cutting machine

  10. 3200 rock slab CNC double-blade bridge cutting machine

  11. 1200 multifunctional cutting machine

  12. 800 multifunctional cutting machine

  13. rock slab special-shaped edging machine

        14.800 ordinary cutting machine

  15. Automatic six-head ceramic tile chamfering machine

  16. 1300 waterjet parquet flattening machine

  17.1800 type hand push CNC double blade cutting machine

  18. 12 grinding head small arc polishing machine

  19. 1200 dry hanging slotting machine

  20. Rock slab round table cutting and grinding all in one machine

   21. tile cutting inner corner machine

   22. 3200 automatic rock slab seamless chamfering machine

   23. 1200 CNC hand push double blade cutting machine

         24. 800single group multi-blade continuous cutting machine

         25. 800 double-group multi-blade continuous cutting machine

Hongyun Ceramic Machine.

  Hongyun Ceramic Machinery factory Focus on R&D and production of deep processing equipment for ceramic tiles and rock slabs, a 14-year-old brand, trustworthy! Free on-site installation and training one-stop service enterprises nationwide! Hongyun Ceramic Machinery factory invites you to visit the factory for on-site inspection and consultation!

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