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  The automatic 14 grinding head arc polishing machine is a heavy-duty arc polishing machine newly designed by our company,which is fully automatic and operating intelligently,with a luxurious top-level configuration. After years of in-depth practical experience in ceramic processing plants, it has been improved and optimized. The processing technology is mature and stable, greatly improve the production efficiency. This machine is mainly used in stone and ceramic tile processing plants for processing: Stair tiles, skirting tiles, 45 degre chamfering and polishing, anti-slip grooves, straight edges, back chamfers, etc. It is a typical multi-function and multi-purpose machine.

1. Main functions of the machine:

Functions: Round edge grinding, 45 degree beveling and chamfering, Edge trimming, Down chamfering,  Anti-slip groove slotting, L-shaped edge groove slotting.

Purpose: Stair tiles, Skirting tiles, V-shaped tiling on the 45 degree inner wall, Inner wall side groove.

2.Product features:

1. Automatic lifting grinding head; 

2. Pneumatic lifting roller;

3. The main spindle adopts imported spindle bearings;

4. Fault diagnosis function to ensure stable operation of the equipment;

5. Automatic oil supply system;

6. Large grinding head is more durable and avoid frequent replacement.

3.Our advantages:

1.Top ten of manufacturer for ceramic tile/stone processing equipment,the quality is guaranteed;

2. Pay attention to the performance stability of the equipment and strictly control the quality;

3. One-to-one on-site installation and training services;

4. The manufacturer independently produces the core components, and the after-sales maintenance cost is low;

5. Good after-sales service, maintain your love machine for life.

4. Technical parameters:

Number of grinding heads


Diameter of Polishing head



Edging wheels number


Diameter of edging


Machinable width


Machinable thickness



Processing speed


Conveyor belt width



Number of anti-slip grooves



Diameter of slotting blade


Rated power








5. Equipment display:

14 grinding head arc polishing machine_78374.

5.The processing effect:

The processing effect of 14 grinding head arc polishing machine1

The processing effect of 14 grinding head arc polishing machine2

The processing effect of 14 grinding head arc polishing machine3jpg

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