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How to choose a tile cutter electric tile cutter brand?
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   With the continuous development of the ceramic tile cutter industry, the quality of equipment produced by various manufacturers is uneven, with many varieties and specifications. As a result, some users who really need tile cutters have difficulties in purchasing choices. So how do you choose when buying a tile cutter?

How to choose a tile cutter?


1. According to the characteristics of the processing plant, the topography, and what kind of samples are needed, to determine the model of the tile cutter.

Manual ceramic tile cutter

2.On-site inspection of ceramic tile factories that meet your own types of tiles, and get a preliminary understanding of the basic process flow that meets your own tile needs, and then choose the model, performance and specifications of the tile cutter.

3. Learn more about the product, such as its scope of use, technical parameters, working environment needs, etc.

4. Listen to the workers' frequent problems in the operation of the equipment and the problems that need to be paid attention to, so that the equipment can avoid more serious problems during the operation.

5. Before purchasing the machine, understand whether the marking of this machine is uniform, continuous, clear, etc.

The electric tile cutter

6. Whether the briquette of the tile cutter head is thickened die-cast aluminum, if the material of die-cast aluminum is not solid enough, the briquette will often break during use, which will affect the normal use of the machine;

7.Whether the slider on the slide rail is more than 5cm, the longer the slider, the more stable the line will be, which can ensure that the tile cutter can draw a straight line when using it.

    The above is to share with you the relevant content on how to choose the ceramic tile cutter. If you want to buy ceramic tile processing equipment, you can also go to Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. for inspection, or consult our online customer service to understand related ceramic tile processing. product.

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