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How much water does a waterjet cutting machine use for one hour?
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     Waterjet/water cutting uses strong pressure, so the caliber of the waterjet is small in order to generate strong pressure. Although the development history of waterjet cutting technology is not long, its excellent cutting ability, fast cutting speed, safe cutting method and low cutting cost have made waterjet cutting technology widely used in the ceramic tile industry.

  The water consumption of different brands of waterjet cutting machines is different, and the water consumption of different powers will also have an impact. Take Hongyun's 4020 AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine as an example. The total power of this machine is 40KW, and the water consumption is 3.7L per minute, which is 3.7*60=222L in one hour. Then the water consumption of this 4020 AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine of Hongyun is about 222L an hour.


   Features of Hongyun AC five-axis waterjet:

  1. The cutter head can rotate 360 degrees infinitely, and the cutting angle is 0-60 degrees. It can be used to cut the rock slab and ceramic tile at an angle of 45 degrees to achieve seamless splicing.

        2. The original German imported laser scanner is mounted on the cutting spindle, and the large-size plates are scanned and positioned before cutting. This can ensure that the waterjet cutting high-precision processing requires the five-axis waterjet. The advantage is that the cutting plane is perfect and can be cut. Process all kinds of complicated process drawings.

  3. The cutting platform adopts imported screw guide rails, XY uses oil-immersed rails, and an effective dust-proof and waterproof design structure to ensure that the accuracy and stability reach high-performance standards!


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