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What are the advantages of the automatic tile cutter? Hongyun ceramic tile processing equipment factory direct sales
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      The tile cutter is a commonly used machine for processing ceramic tiles, but with the advancement of modern technology, there are more and more tile cutters brands. When buying a cutter, many users will compare which brand of cutting machine is better. 

Hongyun automatic tile cutting machine

  The advantages of Hongyun automatic tile cutting machine:

  1. one machine with multiple functions

  Multiple sets of blades cut at the same time, no corner drop, high cutting efficiency, precision, strong stability, good effect, do no need for further processing after cutting.

  2. water cooling

  The cutting spindle adopts water cooling to cool down, which makes the spindle more wear-resistant and fully automatic operation, which greatly saves a lot of labor.

  3. low cost

  Reduce cutting costs, electricity costs, machinery costs, and maintenance costs.

  4. CNC adjustment

  Using a newly designed numerical control system, equipped with automatic fault detection function, frequency conversion speed regulation, electric lowering of the cutter head, numerical control size adjustment, successfully solved the problem of automatic control of mechanical cutting size.

  5. waterproof and dustproof

  Using oil immersion lubrication, an effective waterproof and dustproof structure is formed, and the cutting is more precise and stable.

Automatic tile cutting machine

    Foshan Nanhai Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 14-year-old manufacturer of ceramic tile deep processing equipment. Fully automatic ceramic tile cutting machines mainly include 800 single-group multi-blade continuous cutting machine, 800 double-group multi-blade continuous cutting machine, and 1200 multifunctional CNC double-blade cutting machine, 1200 CNC three-blade cutting machine, 1200 double-group four-blade CNC cutting machine, 1800 CNC three-blade cutting machine, and other ceramic processing plants deep processing equipment are favored by the majority of users. The company integrates sales, after-sales, and installation in a one-stop whole process, serving every customer at home, implementing one-to-one door-to-door installation guidance and training operation techniques. Promote your success with excellent quality, professional and meticulous service.

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