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Operating procedures and safety precautions for electric tile cutters
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        Electric tile cutters can be divided into two types of braking methods: manual type and electric type. Manual type is divided into: self-test type and portable type. The same cutting piece can be grooved on the wall; after replacing the cutting piece, it can be used to cut wooden objects such as wood planks; if it is cut with a grinding wheel, it can cut metal materials.

Electric tile cutte

  The use and precautions of electric tile cutter

   1. The inspection before the operation of the ceramic tile cutting machine should meet the following requirements:

    (1) The shell and handle are free from cracks or damage;

   (2) The cable cord and plug are intact, the switch operates normally, the protection is connected correctly, and it is firm and reliable;

   (3) All protective covers are complete and firm, and electrical protection devices are safe.

  2. After the tile cutter is started, it should run without load first, check and confirm the flexibility of the machine linkage. Do not use excessive force during operation

  Do not let rubbish and mud mix into the motor during operation. Observe the temperature of the cabinet at any time. If the temperature of the cabinet is too high and sparks from carbon brushes, please stop the operation immediately and check and deal with it in time.

  When cutting, the force should be even and appropriate, and don't use excessive force when pushing the blade. When the blade is stuck, immediately stop the machine, slowly pull out the blade, and realign it before cutting.

Automatic tile cutter

   3. It is strictly forbidden to overload the tile cutter. Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during operation. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine for inspection immediately. When the running time is too long, when the temperature of the machine exceeds 60°C, the machine should be shut down and can be operated after natural cooling.

  4. During the operation of the ceramic tile cutter, do not touch the cutting blades, molds and grinding wheels with your hands. If wear or damage is found, please stop the machine immediately for repair or replacement.

   5. Don't let go of your hands when the ceramic tile cutter is in operation.

  The quality and service life of the ceramic tile cutter depends on the guide material used by the ceramic tile cutter. All the guide rails used in our factory conform to the "National Standard Steel". Compared with guide rails made of non-standard materials of most manufacturers on the market, its durability and cutting accuracy will be longer than the service life of guides made of non-standard materials for more than 3 years.

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