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How to control the cutting speed of porcelain tiles?
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  In the cutting of porcelain tiles, certain skills are also required. Although the current porcelain tile cutting machines are generally automatic, if they cut too fast, the cut plates are not much better. So how to control the cutting speed of the porcelain tile machinery?

 Porcelain tile kitchen countertops

  In the process of cutting the porcelain tiles, since the porcelain tile machine should not be driven at a very fast speed like cutting natural stone, such fast cutting makes the machine make a harsh sound. When the cutting speed of the porcelain tile equipment is faster, the impact on the porcelain tile is greater, and the porcelain tile is more likely to collapse, drop corners, burst or break under the strong impact force. When the operator of the porcelain tile cutting machine gets the porcelain tile saw blade, pay attention to the cutting speed recommendation table on the carton that packs the porcelain tile saw blade. It is more appropriate to cut porcelain tiles with the above recommended cutting speed parameters, or slightly higher than the recommended cutting speed.

 Automatic pocelain tile cutting machine

  The correct cutting method of the porcelain tile cutting machine is to cut the large-size board first, and then cut the small-size board. However, many porcelain tile processing manufacturers do not cut the slabs in this way. They all cut a plate of one specification and then another specification. The purpose of this is to have a uniform size during the cutting process and no waste. But what they don’t know is that because the porcelain tile is a relatively large-sized plate, if a small-sized plate is cut first during cutting, once the large-sized plate is cut wrong, or the porcelain tile bursts during the cutting process. , Then this board cannot be used to cut small-size products, so the whole board can only be scrapped.


   The above is part of the porcelain tile cutting. There are many ways to cut porcelain tiles, and there are many ways to control the speed. This requires the operator to slowly explore in the daily cutting work.

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