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   The Customized-arc polishing machine (no swinging arm ) is a special model produced by our factory for processing the round edges of ceramic tiles. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can achieve round edge grinding and polishing by directly installing the shaped diamond wheel without swinging. So there is no need to swing like a traditional arc polishing machine for round edge polishing. The basic configuration is as follows: one trimming blade, one slotting blade, three inner corner chamfering wheels, one 45-degree chamfering head, and four 45-degree polishing heads, four round edge grinding heads. A total of 12 motors are composed with functions: edges straightening,inner corners chamfering , slotting, 45 degree polishing, and rounding edges. The maintenance of this machine is simple, because it does not require a swing structure, the after-sales maintenance cost is relatively low, and it is a popular model favored by old processing plants. Welcome to inquire for relevant information.

1.Product features:

(1) It can be equipped with a single round edge grinding wheel, a thickened round edge grinding wheel, or a French edge grinding wheel for multi-purpose;

(2)The inner corner chamfering motor is installed underneath, so that the tiles can be processed without turning the tiles upside down.

(3)Swing-free, the maintenance costs are extremely low, and do no need to worry about damage caused by swinging.

(4)Functions: straight edge trimming, slotting, 45 degree polishing,inner corner chamfering, rounding edges

(5) If starting three chamfering motors at the same time, the fastest can process 3-4 meters per minute.

2.Technical parameter:

Number of

round edge grinding head

4 shaping wheel

Machinable width range


Machinable thickness


Number of inner corner chamfering wheel


Motor power


Number of

trimming wheel


Number of

45°chamfering wheel


Number of

45°polishing wheel


Processing speed








3.Equipment display:

Customized-arc polishing machine (no swinging arm ) .

4.The processing effect:

L-shaped grooves,round edge grinding,back beveling,antislip grooves

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