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Pay attention to cleaning the porcelain slab equipment after use
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        After the work of the porcelain slab equipment is completed, the workbench, the grinding head, the blade, the motor, and the water spray pipe will be dirty. In order to prevent the accumulation of dirt, they need to be cleaned to extend the service life of the equipment, how to clean the porcelain slab equipment?


   Porcelain slab equipment cleaning skills:


   1. Remove the baffle of the porcelain slab equipment, raise the upper roller table of the machine, and turn off the power supply and water supply valve. The stone polishing machine can quickly complete the deslagging, leveling, grinding and polishing of the stone floor.

 2400mm porcelain slab cutting machine

  2. Loosen the right-angle fixing bolt nozzles (composed of heads and screws) at both ends of the floor, and then remove the nozzles.


  3. Use a high-pressure water gun to pump purified water from the nozzle inlet into the nozzle to form water pressure, observe the water output of each nozzle, and take it out with a paper clip.


   4. After cleaning the nozzle, put it back in place, and tighten the head and screws of the bolt assembly. It should be noted that before unloading and cleaning the nozzle, its direction must remain unchanged.

 three blade cutting porcelain

        After using the porcelain slab equipment, it is not only necessary to clean it, but also to check the wear of its various parts, the sharpness of the cutting blade, whether there is lubricating oil on the bearing shaft, and whether there are foreign objects in the guide rail, rack and starting point travel switch. Whether the drive belts of the saw and auxiliary saw motors are normal, whether the gears and racks that move the cutting blade back and forth are normal, whether the oil in the three-cylinder oil cup of the air source is clean, whether there is enough oil in the guide rail to be lubricated, whether the emergency stop switch normal and so on.


  Because of the wide variety of porcelain slab equipment, the cleaning and maintenance of each equipment is different. If there is any mechanical cleaning and maintenance you don’t understand, you can contact the equipment manufacturer for advice.

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