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How much is a porcelain slab waterjet cutting machine? What are its advantages over other cutting machines?
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        In the porcelain slab processing industry, there are many types of porcelain slab cutting machines, but most of the cutting machines can only cut straight lines. When it is necessary to cut curves, it must go through many steps to complete, while porcelain slab waterjet cutting machines can be done at one time.Now let’s introduce its market price and what advantages it has?


   The porcelain slab waterjet cutting machine produced by Guangdong Hongyun Ceramic Machinery Factory: The market price of the 4020AC five-axis porcelain slab waterjet cutting machine is about 48,000 dollars. Let’s talk about its advantages in detail below:

 4020AC five-axis porcelain slab waterjet cutting machine

   1. The cut porcelain slab is smooth, and the edge of the cut will not be regular after cutting


  2. The precision is very high, and the interface is even, which can be used to make very complex and beautiful pictures


  3. The working speed is fast, and the material can be automatically nested to reduce the impact of dust and noise on the staff


  4. Curve cutting can complete many special graphics, such as: large ceramic murals, lobby floor mosaics, ceramic screens, special-shaped kitchen and bathroom countertops, slate furniture, etc.


  5. Stronger cutting ability, can cut almost any material easily.


  6. Cold working method, no thermal effect.

 waterjet machine cutting platform

  7. The material with thickness from 1 mm to 200 mm can be cut into any shape.


    8. It has strong cutting ability, can cut almost any material, any shape and any size.


   The waterjet cutting machine can cut any material at one time with any curve (other cutting methods except water cutting will be restricted by the material variety); the heat generated during cutting will be immediately taken away by the high-speed water jet, and it will not Produce harmful substances, the material has no thermal effect (cold cutting), no need or easy secondary processing after cutting, safe, environmentally friendly, fast speed, high efficiency, can achieve arbitrary curve cutting processing, convenient and flexible, wide range of uses, yes At present, a mature cutting process with good applicability.

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