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Seven tips to choose a ceramic tile cutting machine
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    Ceramic tile cutting machine has a wide variety of mechanical equipment and various specifications. For those who want to buy a ceramic tile cutting machine, certain skills are also required. The following I will explain it for you.

      Ceramic tile cutting machine selection skills

  1. First of all, we must analyze and summarize our processing needs, what kind of processing and what kind of finished products we need, and make clear what we want to achieve based on the characteristics and topography of our processing plant.

Ceramic tile cutting machine

  2. Secondly, qualified customers should visit the ceramic tile factory that meets their own types of tiles, and have a preliminary understanding of the basic process flow of the manual tile cutting machine that meets your own tiles, and the approximate model, performance and specifications of the tile cutting machine.

  3.You should Learn more about the product, such as its scope of use, technical parameters, working environment needs and so on.

  4. Finally, we must listen more to the on-site workers on the problems that often exist in the operation of the equipment, and the problems that should be paid attention to frequently, so that your equipment can avoid problems to the greatest extent during operation.

   5. Check whether the marking of the machine is uniform, continuous and clear.

Ceramic tile cutter

  6. You must Pay attention to whether the briquette on the head of the cutting machine is thickened die-cast aluminum, because this part is often stressed. If the material of die-cast aluminum is not solid enough, briquette breakage will often occur, affecting the use.

  7. Check whether the slider on the slide rail is more than 5cm, because the longer the slider, the more stable the scribing, which can also ensure that the cutting machine can draw a straight line when using it.

   Multifunctional ceramic tile cutting machine is also a simple and practical machine used in ceramic tile processing plants. Generally, it needs supporting use, namely, ceramic tile edging machine and ceramic tile cutting machine. As the modern society enters the era of technology, the multifunctional ceramic tile has also entered the update, and many high-quality ceramic tile machines have been designed.

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