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Eight notes for tile cutters to cut ceramic tiles
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   With the continuous improvement of modern decoration level, the quality and precision of ceramic tile cutting are also constantly improving, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs and having high intelligent automatic cutting functions are also constantly increasing.


  Because the operation of the tile cutter is different from the traditional tile cutter, there are many things that need to be paid attention to during the operation. The following introduces what should be paid attention to when processing a complete tile?

 Manual ceramic tile cutter

   What should I pay attention to when cutting ceramic tiles with a tile cutter?


   1. Before cutting, the cutting platform of the tile cutter must be level, and the center of the worktable must not be raised, otherwise the cut tiles will not achieve the leveling effect, and it will be easy to cause the size heads and tile chipping.


  2. When the cutting blade is about to cut through the tile, since the chisel edge of the blade penetrates first, the axial resistance is greatly reduced, so the feed speed must be slowed down at this time, otherwise the tile will be easily cut and chipped by the blade.


  3. When cutting small holes with a tile cutter, since the chips are not easy to discharge, it is necessary to withdraw from the tile chip discharge port frequently, otherwise it is easy to block the small holes of the tile due to the blockage of the chips.


   4. When cutting defective bricks, a faster speed should be selected, otherwise it is easy to cause edge chipping.


  5. When cutting triangular tiles, the angle of the platform should be adjusted to make it reach the horizontal oblique side, and the tiles should be pushed slowly, and do not deal with them too urgently.

 Manual ceramic tile 45 degree cutter

  6. When cutting flat-bottomed holes, the tool tip must be strictly aligned with the rotation center of the workpiece, otherwise the bottom surface cannot be turned flat.


   7. After cutting ceramic tiles, the ceramic tile cutter should keep the motor clean, otherwise it will affect the service life of the motor.


   8. When checking tool wear, the motor cannot be tilted to prevent scratching the platform.


  After the tile cutter is used up, it is necessary to clean the working platform and surroundings of the cutter, and regularly maintain the tile cutter, so that the equipment can be used for a longer time.

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