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The rock slab basin hole special-shaped edging machine is used for edging the slab basin hole. The machine adopts a high-power special motor for rock slab machinery.The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate.You can learn to do the entire process operation in ten minutes.The edging process of square and round basin holes can be completed quickly.This machine simplifies the processing process,even the basic workers can quickly complete the operation. The function of machinery and equipment is stable, energy saving and environmental protection, cost-effective.

1. The performance and characteristics of product:

(1) Use servo drives to control the turntable: Servo drives controls the speed of the turntable, and changes the speed when it encounters a right angle to achieve the square polishing function;

(2) Adopts pneumatic sucker to fix the plate:equipped with a vacuum pump sucker,which can hold the plate strongly without shifting;

(3) Two-stage variable speed motor, rough grinding at low speed, polishing at high speed;

(4)Adopts frequency control to adjust turntable,which can automatically adjust the speed;

(5) Annealing treatment of the main structure: The main body of the machine is specially treated by quenching, and the whole machine structure is integrated, the machine is not easy to deform and has a long service life.

2. Technical parameters:




Inner hole processing size



Diameter of polishing wheel



Machinable thickness



Motor power



Power supply



Size setting method


CNC control

Fixing method

Pneumatic sucker

Processing speed








3. Equipment display:

Rock slab basin hole polishing machine.

4. The polishing effect:

Rock slab basin hole

Rock slab basin hole

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