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The 800 single group multi-knife automatic ceramic tile cutting machine is the latest cutting machine developed by our company. It is suitable for cutting ceramic tiles or stone, and can be processed into foot lines, ancient building tiles, grey brick, etc.

1. The performance and characteristics of product:

(1) The machine can cut tiles of different widths at one time, and the processing width can reach 25-800mm;

(2) Equipped with automatic pressing plate, can process 10*10 mosaics;

(3) The machine has reasonable design and high precision, and its advantages include high cutting efficiency, high precision, and high output;

(4) The cold water device type bearing seat is adopted, and long-term processing does not generate heat or high temperature, so the bearing life is longer;

(5) "V"-shaped belt guide to ensure accurate belt transmission;

(6) The dovetail groove is used for lifting, and the structure adopts a double-branch gantry, which is stable and has little vibration during processing.

2. Technical parameters:

(1) Number of spindle heads: 1

(2) Belt width: 820mm

(3) Blade diameter: Φ250-Φ300m

(4) Spindle motor power: 15kw

(5) Conveyor belt speed: 0.8-4.0/min

(6) Lifting motor power: 0.75kw

(7) Cutting width range: 20-800mm

(8) Maximum cutting thickness: 20mm

(9) Power of the whole machine: 16.5kw

(10) Dimensions: 2110*1780*1630mm

(11) Weight: 1800kg

3. Equipment display:


When you need to cut multiple widths in batches, choose the The 800 single group multi-knife automatic ceramic tile cutting machine for continuous cutting, which truly achieves high efficiency, high precision and large output. It is one of the indispensable processing equipment for large-scale processing plants. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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