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Which is the best price for the special chamfering machine for porcelain tile processing?
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    Nowadays, the decoration materials are becoming more and more diversified, and there are more and more types of new decoration materials. Porcelain tile is a new type of material that has appeared in recent years. Because of its unique characteristics, it is very popular with the public, and the porcelain tile processing factory is also coming. Investors are getting more and more confused when choosing porcelain tile processing machinery and equipment. Today, let's take a look at which one is better for the special chamfering machine for porcelain tile processing? And is its market price expensive?


    Guangdong Hongyun Ceramics Machinery Factory is an old and experienced porcelain tile deep processing equipment manufacturer, which can produce various types of porcelain tile deep processing equipment. It can process porcelain tile dining tables, round tables, horse-shaped edging, bathroom basins, cabinets, and coffee tables,TV background walls, etc. are especially suitable for whole-house customization companies. The processing process will not cause breaks, corners, size heads, and low polishing brightness. Today, let’s take a closer look at its chamfering machine.


3200 automatic porcelain tile seamless chamfering machine

    3200 automatic porcelain tile seamless chamfering machine is specially developed for seamless chamfering of porcelain tiles. It is suitable for a wide range of scenarios such as porcelain tile cabinet countertops, sanitary ware, background walls, etc.


    Product performance advantages:


 (1) It can automatically run chamfering by placing the board while it is placed, without manual chamfering, which reduces labor and improves product quality;


 (2) No foundation construction is required, and the whole machine can be used directly;


 (3) The machine can be seamlessly chamfered from 15-45 degrees, without stretching the porcelain, without the size of the head, and truly seamless splicing;


 (4) The machine supports personalized customization, and processing equipment with different functions can be customized according to different needs.


Automatic porcelain tile seamless chamfering machine

 3200 automatic porcelain tile seamless chamfering machine is one of the indispensable processing equipment for porcelain tile processing plants. Its price is not very high either, the price of the standard model is around 15,000 dollars.


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