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What should be paid attention to when using porcelain tile equipment?
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  The use of porcelain tile processing machinery when processing porcelain tiles can not only be completed faster, but the processed products have good effects and high quality, and the processed plates has high smoothness.


      Many operators do not pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in the process of operating the porcelain tile equipment, which leads to the problem of potential safety hazards in the machinery. In fact, to ensure the operation of the porcelain tile equipment can be replaced, better maintenance is required. Let’s share with you.

 porcelain tile processing machinery

  The porcelain tile equipment must be cleaned after use


  Because some stains or debris will inevitably appear when using porcelain tile equipment every day, it is necessary to clean the machine before using the equipment to ensure that there are no debris on the surface so that we can start cutting, otherwise some problems will easily occur. Everyone should pay special attention to the position of the guide rail. If there is dust or particles on the slide, please clean it up in time. Only in this way can it be ensured that it will not be affected by the equipment when processing the porcelain tile, so that better results can be seen.

 treatment of porcelain tiles

  Control the safety of power supply


   When using the porcelain tile equipment, you must plug in the power supply to power on the device. Before powering on, check whether the circuit is normal. If the circuit is abnormal, do not turn on the device to avoid circuit failure and short circuit of the device.


       After using the porcelain tile equipment for a period of time, it is necessary to check the guide rails, racks and starting stroke switches regularly for foreign matter, whether the drive belts of the main saw and auxiliary saw motors are normal, whether the gears and racks of the saw blades moving forward and backward are normal, and whether the main electric box is normal. There is clean dust and internal cooling fan, whether the dust in the dust cover under the electric saw is clean, whether the oil in the air source three-cylinder oil cup is clean, whether there is enough oil in the guide rail to be lubricated, whether the emergency stop switch is normal, etc. Wait.

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