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What failures often occur when sintered stone machinery and equipment are in use?
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   Sintered stone machinery is specially developed for sintered stone processing, but after all, it is still a machine and will be damaged during use. Then, what happens to the sintered stone machinery and equipment in general, let's take a look today.


   1. The sheet is soft


  The uncompressed plate can hardly bear the weight of the main body of the equipment itself, causing the main body of the plate to sink and cause unevenness. The foundation needs to be compressed to keep the board level.

 Automatic sintered stone chamfering machine

  2. The bracket feet are not fixed


   When grinding large sintered stones, the machine is easy to move, causing height differences. Need to calibrate the bracket.


   3. The machine that has been used for a long time only replaced a small part of the rubber block of the conveyor chain. The new and old rubber blocks are used together, and the heights are different, resulting in different sizes of the polished bricks.


  4. Drive chain causes uneven height


   The conveyor chain and the front conveyor belt are inconsistent with the front and rear pressure plates. First adjust the height of the rail at the end of the sintered stone equipment, adjust the walking screw under the rail to make the edge at the edge, and then transport the sintered stone from the drive chain of the rail. If unevenness is required, lift the guide rail to move the screw. According to this principle, the adjustment level of the conveyor chain on the left side of the machine is also reasonable.

 Sintered stone processing machine

   During the use of sintered stone machinery and equipment, in addition to the points mentioned above, there will be abnormal noises, burning of knives, blade breaks, unstable motors and so on.


      After using the sintered stone machinery and equipment for a period of time, check whether there are foreign objects on the guide rails, racks and starting stroke switches, whether the transmission belts of the main saw and auxiliary saw motors are normal, whether the gears and racks of the saw blades moving forward and backward are normal, and the main electric box Whether there is clean dust and internal cooling fan, whether the dust in the dust cover under the chainsaw is clean, whether the oil in the air source three-cylinder oil cup is clean, whether there is enough lack of oil in the guide rail to be lubricated, whether the emergency stop switch is normal and many more.

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