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What equipment is needed for porcelain slab processing? The specific process of porcelain slab processing operation
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   Modern people have higher and higher requirements for living conditions, and the demand in the decoration market is correspondingly higher and higher. There are more and more types of decoration materials. Compared with traditional building materials, porcelain slab is a new type of material. Compared with traditional decorative materials such as glass, marble, and quartz stone, porcelain slab has stronger stability, better strength, toughness and other comprehensive physical properties, and has a wider application range. It is widely used in home scenes such as dining table countertops, bathroom countertops, wardrobe countertops, cabinet countertops, and kitchen countertops.

 3200 porcelain slab 45-degree grinding and chamfering machine

  Porcelain processing is a systematic engineering service, involving a series of supporting services such as slate brand, slab size of each brand, slab processing equipment, processing technology, hardware frame, glue and so on. But many people are not very clear about what equipment is needed for porcelain slab processing. Today, Hongyun Porcelain slab Machinery company will introduce in detail what equipment is needed for porcelain slab processing.


  What equipment is needed for porcelain slab processing?


   1. Cutting and cutting equipment: 4020AC five-axis waterjet cutting machine, 3200 CNC double-head porcelain slab cutting machine, 3200 porcelain slab 45-degree grinding and chamfering machine.


   2. Waterjet digging equipment: five-axis waterjet cutting machine


   3.45 degree cutting back chamfering equipment: 45 degree cutting edge chamfering machine


   4. Bonding tool: special glue for porcelain slab


  5. Polishing and grinding equipment: porcelain slab edge grinding and chamfering machine

 Porcelain slab basin

  The specific process of porcelain slab processing operation:


   Many people are afraid that the processing of porcelain slabs is too difficult to operate. In fact, the specific operations are very simple.


   The first step is: first cut the porcelain slab into the appropriate size with the porcelain slab cutting machine, which is what the insider said.


   The second step is: dig a hole in the cut porcelain slab with a water jet digging device.


   The third step is: use a 45-degree cutting edge chamfering machine to chamfer the porcelain slab.


   The fourth step is: use porcelain slab glue to glue the semi-finished slabs together.


   The fifth step is to polish the semi-finished porcelain slab.


   The sixth step is: the final product is finished without any defects after polishing.


   The above is a detailed introduction to what equipment is needed for porcelain slab processing and the specific process of porcelain slab processing. I hope it can help you.

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