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What are the performance advantages of rock slab chamfering machine?
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    Rock slab chamfering machine is a professional machine for seamless splicing of rock slab with 45 degree angle inside. It is accurate and fast in positioning, and can grind the surface of brick at one time without angle collapse. The grinding head is durable without deformation and low in cost. The performance of rock slab chamfering machine is introduced in detail below.

rock Automatic  slab chamfering machine

     Performance introduction of rock slab chamfering machine:

    1.The precision of CNC control cutting is high, and the error is within 0.1 mm. Double blade (the first blade trimming, the second blade cutting), no porcelain collapse, no dropping corner. 

    2. The crossbeam is made of H steel structure with longitudinal device. Its rigidity is 2-3 times that of ordinary square tube. After heat treatment, it is not easy to deform. 

    3. Double 3.0kw motor is used for front and rear cutter heads, and 190mm saw blade is used for saw blade, so the cutting effect is the best. 

    4. The retaining ruler adopts 500mm super wide reinforcement type and is equipped with adhesive tape, which has high precision and is not easy to damage the slab. 

    5. TBI is used as the screw rod and oil immersion gauge is used for the oil tank, which is durable and stable. 

6. The 7-inch large screen only needs to input the cutting size, and the cutting task can be completed as soon as possible.

Rock slab chamfering machine

    Rock slab chamfering machine automatic operation, water consumption, low power consumption, fast speed, high precision, no size head, easy to move, after trimming 45 degree chamfering processing, with polishing function, processing effect is good, glossiness up to 90%! It can grind straight edge, reverse bevel edge, reverse 45 degree polishing and so on, and this model can also be customized for different needs of customers with different functions, welcome to the factory.

    Hongyun 3200 rock slab chamfering machine is a professional chamfering machine for rock slab deep processing, which is mainly used for rock slab chamfering 45 degree angle processing to make seamless splicing. It is a special machine for rock slab deep processing, which can save processing cost.The machine head is composed of cutting cutter head + chamfering grinding wheel (1-2 chamfering wheels can be customized according to customer demand), which can realize no edge collapse chamfering, no size head phenomenon, and can chamfer 3.2m * 1.6m slab at most, It is an indispensable equipment for deep processing of rock slab.

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