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What are the main equipment of the sintered stone processing plant?
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   Now people have higher and higher requirements for decoration materials, not only beautiful and practical, but also environmentally friendly and healthy. Slate is a new type of decorative material. It not only can withstand high temperatures but is also very easy to clean. It is very popular with consumers. At the same time, it has attracted many investors who want to operate a sintered stone processing plant because the characteristics of sintered stones have a wide range of applications, which also means that investment operators will have more sources of income. For example, sintered stones can be used to process diagenetic slab countertops, slate stools, cabinets, slate coffee tables, slate walls, slate desks, slate wardrobes, slate wash basins, slate dining tables, slate stairs, and slate bar counters. Wait.


   Today, we mainly want to know if the investment amount of the sintered stone processing plant is high? What are the main equipment needed?

 HongYun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet

  The amount of investment in the sintered stone processing plant is not high.


   In fact, it is relatively easy to open a sintered stone processing factory. As long as your professional equipment is complete and the staffing is in place, it is very easy. The investment amount to open a general-scale sintered stone processing factory is about 500,000 yuan, because the price of the equipment alone is about 350,000 yuan, and the other 150,000 yuan is about site costs and some operating expenses. If you have your own self-built house, you can save a lot of money. The investment amount to open a large-scale sintered stone processing factory must be a little more, depending on the amount of equipment you need to equip.


       What are the main equipment needed for sinered stone processing factory?


       HongYun HS-4020AC five-axis waterjet: a five-axis waterjet cutting machine is necessary for processing sintered stones, and it is best to have a specification of 4 meters * 2 meters. Other machine tools with specifications less than 4 meters * 2 meters are not enough.


   Hongyun HY-3200 CNC double-blade bridge cutting machine for sintered stone: It cuts the sintered stone material, the double-blade cutting effect is good, the surface does not collapse, and the maximum can cut the plate of 3.2 meters.

 HY-3200 automatic sintered stone seamless chamfering machine

  Hongyun HY-3200 automatic sintered stone seamless chamfering machine: professionally pour 45 degrees of external angle, edging, and groove the sintered stone, and use it as countertop basin splicing.


       The above is a detailed introduction of the high investment amount of the sintered stone processing plant and the main equipment. I hope to help you. If you have more professional needs, you can contact our 24-hour online customer service 15278353800, and the business manager will recommend suitable equipment for your needs, welcome all new and old customers to inquire

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